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  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Delta Spirit -Yamaha
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  • Watching: Walking Dead
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  • Eating: Fruit of the strawberry kind
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Tagged by :iconbarrelsrntdreams108: !

Le Rules:
1. You MUST post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them!
3. Answer the 10 question that they've asked you and invent 10 more questions for the people you tag.
4. Choose at least 10 people to tag and put they're icon in your journal.
5. Go to their page to inform them you've tagged them and tag the one who originally tagged you!
6. If you've been already tagged before try to invent new answers and questions!

7. Have fun!

Le 10 Things about Moi:
1. I am a huge procrastinator, its actually so cray. I will literally sit around like a sloth for five hours when I get home and do all my homework at like 10 pm. Why I do this is honestly still a mystery to me haha. Too bad procrastination isn’t a sport because I would totally be an Olympic champion! 2016 games anyone?
2. I like zombies...and bacon...even better would be eating bacon while watching zombies, for example the walking dead. Warm bodies is pretty good too though for who wouldn't want a hot zombie boyfriend? haha prob a lot of people wouldn't but its Nicholas Hoult so ya never know. ;)  
3. This is random but I just noticed I type really weird lol, my hands look like their flopping deadly around the keyboard. You could say they even coincidently look like zombie fingers (see what I did there? ;) )
4. I make a lot of puns, I srs can't help it sometimes haha, I'm just too puny to stop "We can't stop, Whaoh, And We Won't Stop!!!!!!"
5. I'm going to an Arcade Fire concert later this week with ma friend (it's gonna be siccck). If you’ve never heard of them you should definitely check them out.
6. Right now I am currently listening to 3 songs on constant repeat: Midnight by Coldplay, Magic by Coldplay, and cause I like to mix it up Yamaha by Delta Spirit suhhh good <3.
7. I look a lot younger then I actually am and I consider myself pretty wise compared to some of my peers, though I am also very un-mature sometimes it might seem like I’m not lol. (Duck taped lockers anyone?)
8. I have been a youtuber since 2011 though I’ve been inactive for the past couple of months do to school and other stuff. I’m planning to release a series this summer though :)
9. I also like dinosaurs especially t-rex’s for I feel sorry for their under-evolved arms. Maybe that’s why they were mad all the time for they could never hug anyone or receive hugs, lol idk what I’m typing. The first hug would have been soo awkward though haha. "What are you doing? Why are you holding me?" "Shhhh just trust me." lol
10. I love chocolate, I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before but it deserves another mention lol.

BarrelsRntDreams108's Quest's for Moi:
1. When was the last time you bought something off eBay?

Funny you should ask that for I actually just bought a breyer bluegrass bandit four days ago off ebay (So happy to finally get!). Before that it was like 4 years ago I bought something from ebay. If you guessed a breyer your right haha.

2.Cupcakes or Cake?

That is a hard choice its like choosing between your right and left eye. Both are sooo delicious (not eyes cakes) especially if their chocolate ;) lol. Maybe cupcakes for their easier to take with you vs a cake plus you don't get pounced on in the hallway. You only make that mistake once! 

3. What is your dream horse?

Either a Gypsy Vanner or a blue roan Mustang <3.

4. Beach wedding or Church wedding?

Grey stoned Church with glass window's by a forest during autumn would be nice :)

5. What colors are your room?

Purple walls with white furniture.

6. Bath or Shower?

Showers especially if there hot :)

7. Have you ever won a trophy?

Yes for soccer a couple of years back. Though I have received a few medals and awards since then.

8. Bottle or Cup?

Cup, because I like to live dangerously ;)

9. Favorite color combination?

Purples and blues with a touch of gold, suh pretty :)

10. Have you ever painted with chalk pastels?
Yes and it was painful for me for I’m more of a precise artist who needs to have every detail in place lol. It literally takes me at least 40h to do a big project. I am very impressed by those who can make amazing works with pastels though. Props!

My 10 Quest's for You Awesome Peeps:
1. What's your fav song at the moment?
2. Have you ever done a custom model horse before?
3. Last Breyer/Stone/Schleich horse you bought/received?
4. Favourite class at school?
5. Favorite type of day? Sunny? Cloudy? Rainy? Snowy?  
6. What Camera do you normally use to take your photos? 
7. Fav photo you toke in your gallery?
8. If you do art what's your fav medium? Ex. Pencil, Colour Pencil, Paint.
9. Last movie you saw/ thoughts on it.
10. Any phobias? If yes what is it/them?

I tag:
:iconlilyzfillies:  :iconlazyhcustomtack: :iconsilvercrescents:  :iconcreativecause:  :iconklk-photography:  :iconeverkeen: :iconfoxtrot-equine:  :iconblueberryswagamuffin:  :iconblueribbon9999:  :iconarcticfoxstudio:  :iconsandymewmew:
:iconglorysky:  :iconsevenships: :iconhoofbeats111: :iconbubbly4041: :iconpurplesunshinestable: :iconeternaljustice002:
:iconkiyiyathewolf:  :iconkaninkompisstudios:

If your to busy you don't have to do it! Have fun! :)


EquusInspiration's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello everyone and welcome to my profile! :D
I originally started this account because of the inspiration horses have given to me my whole life and my love for photography :) Feel free to take a look through my gallery, comment, and possibly fav some photo's ;) I also have a youtube account called "Shiverosity".

~Sometimes you just need to think outside the ⍀ ;p (I'll write more later!)

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SandyMewMew Mar 24, 2014  New member Student General Artist
You've been tagged!(see my journal for the details)
Lipizzaner-Kgirl Mar 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Do you think you could give your opinion on my journal? Recently an art teacher has decided that customizing model horses is not art, and I'd like to know the public's opinion about model horse customs as a form of art. Thanks!…
EquusInspiration Mar 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Sure I'd love to! :)
Lipizzaner-Kgirl Mar 22, 2014  Student General Artist
hoofbeats111 Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for watching. :D
EquusInspiration Mar 14, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem you have some great photographs!! :D
hoofbeats111 Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks. ^^
Thanks for the fav Hug 
EquusInspiration Mar 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Your welcome! :hug:
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